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We travel all the time. It seems like we are always on the road, dashing off to some new place, using wifi on the plane to get some work done, coordinating schedules at home and at school while out of town.

People struggle with the idea of travelling so much for a job.

They think they can’t do it. That much travel and time out of town can be daunting – especially if your family needs you to be around to take care of them.

When we first started out in network marketing, we didn’t travel that much at all.

You have to work your way up.

It was a long time before we started travelling as much as we do now. We’ve got a team of 14,000 promoters – that’s a lot of people! It takes time, energy and mobility in order to stay in touch with and motivate that many people.

Our team is on the move doing local events and trainings that are only 1-2 days long, and then we’re back home and off to the next place.

I never thought I would be able to be such a jetsetter and live my life on the go. Doing what I love as a career has opened so many doors – I can work from anywhere (#workfromanywhere).

Puerto Vallarta, Kentucky, Arizona, Cabo, Toronto, Disney World, Philly, we’ve seen so much!!

And traveling can be a unique and fun experience – with all the things that happen… even the stupid stuff. I remember a couple years ago on Halloween I left my wallet at home and got pat down by the PSA – dressed as Wonder Woman, of course.

But I get asked all the time if all the traveling gets in the way of our home life.

How does our family stay close?

It’s really a balancing act. I am so grateful for my husband Jason. He really makes it possible. It would be a lot harder to manage on my own.

He’s the one doing all the behind the scenes work at the house, making sure everyone makes it to school and doesn’t starve to death.

Sometimes to make it work, you have to make sacrifices. Just last month, our company took a trip to Puerto Vallarta. We couldn’t find reliable child care while we were scheduled to be out of town, so we made a judgment call and Jason didn’t end up going.

He was really bummed that he had to stay at home, but we had to work with the situation and make compromises. We kind of just make it up as we go.

Sometimes we do things a little differently than we usually would. The past couple of years, we’ve eaten turkey in a camper for Thanksgiving. This year we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary the same weekend that our company held its 5th year anniversary. Occasionally we will miss a soccer game or a cello performance because we’re out of town.

But these are all relative. My time freedom also lets me travel and go on vacation and enjoy the off time I have with my family too.

Sometimes I travel to a networking event specific to a product launch or a new seminar and the kids have school, but many times Jason and I are able to bring the boys with us. It’s so nice to give them the opportunity to not only see new places but also spend more time with their folks – before they get sick of us ?

The pros totally make up for the cons.

Reach out and let me know if you want to find a way to #workfromanywhere!

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