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Wednesday did not fair well for us as a small crash turned into worse and ended in a not so great result. But this is not about his injury. This is because I feel like many of my moto mom friends want to say the same thing. We know this sport is tough and dangerous. Personally, this momma hates it! I do NOT like the fact that I hold my breath for most of each race my child is in. I do NOT like it when I see ANYONE hurt! I do NOT like it when I see a yellow flag or a Red Cross flag. I do NOT like it even more when I see one of those flags and I can not see my kid! I do NOT like seeing my child hurt, or injured.

All of that to be said, there is so much about this sport I DO love! There is a crazy sense of family among hundreds, sometimes thousands of people at one time. Strangers jumping in to loan bike parts, clothing, food, prayer whatever is needed. Even if it’s your competitor that needs help! Moto family is a pretty awesome family. We have made so many friends in this sport across the nation. I love seeing the look of accomplishment or hearing that excitement in their voice when they come off the track. “MOM! Did you see me? MOM, did you see me clear the triple? Mom, did you see me take the inside? MOM! I finally got it!!” All of these things are why we still do what we do. This is why even after injuries, we still race this crazy sport.

There is a passion and dedication in the heart of each motocross rider that can NOT be explained. I don’t understand it, but I do see it in my boys! Do I wish they had a different passion? Yep! I sure do! No mom wants to voluntarily watch their child in something that could end badly. But I also want my kids to make their own choices. I want them to choose what THEY want, not what I want for them! Sure I have tried to introduce different things to them, but this sport….this sport has their heart! And after all, isn’t that the goal in life? To raise kids that have minds of their own and independently make their own choices?

Here’s where I get on my soapbox. What a motomom or motodad does NOT need is someone sharing with them statistics. We know that this is a dangerous sport. We know how many injuries can happen in this sport. Yes we are VERY aware that there are fatalities that come along with this sport as well. We don’t like it, but YES we are VERY aware! Every motomom Iknow prays before, during, and after each race. Our stomach drops and tightens when that gate drops. We do NOT need you asking us if we are aware that they could die! Yep, people actually say that! I promise you we KNOW! We are fully aware! We do NOT need you asking us when we are going to make them stop riding. We do NOT need you telling us we should rethink this sport. I understand not understanding this lifestyle. I do get it! Heck there are times I don’t understand this lifestyle! But as a rule, in all cases, in all scenarios of life, we should follow the “if you say something make sure it’s uplifting or helpful” rule. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

It’s interesting to me that there are several sports that result in serious injury and even fatalities that nobody blinks an eye at. Nobody questions parents when football or hockey kids get hurt. It’s almost the norm and ok because they chose that sport. This is just a friendly reminder to love on your friends and family even if they are an extreme sports family! We are all in this parenting thing together. No parent shaming, no mom guilting. Give a nod and a prayer. Every parent needs it no matter what their kid chooses in life! Soapbox over! Thanks for reading!! And feel free to share for another extreme sports parent you may know!

Extreme Sports Family
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