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Financial Freedom = Time Freedom

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It’s 6:15am in the morning. Our company CEO calls and asks us to meet him in 15 minutes for breakfast.

We had never met the man before, and could only wonder at what he wanted to talk about. Panicked, rushed, with 2 hours of sleep and a quick shower, we ran out the door to meet with him.

We didn’t know what to expect, but he basically gave us a personal introduction to his own story and how he became such a success.

The tips he gave us changed our lives. We learned some incredible information on financial decisions and leadership from one of the humblest millionaires ever.

Three years later, here we are with financial freedom because of the things he taught us. We didn’t go hire some fancy life coach, we took action from the things he spoke about and teaches on every call for FREE.

Change only comes from a shift in your mindset.

When you think about “success” as a concept, what do you think of?

More often than not, the answer is “money”. But it’s not all about the money.

There’s a whole other side to success that people don’t think about. When you are successful, you love your life. We became successful in order to make our life happen.

You just do what it takes because you know you will be able to change your family’s life.

We’re not just doing this for the money. We’re doing it for a better quality of life.

Every time I needed extra money, even as an independent hair stylist, it took more time away from my family. More work meant more time.

Medical bills and financial stress made me overwhelmed emotionally and physically – and I started to withdraw from my family.

I hated that.

Direct sales opened my eyes. Direct sales allowed me to help not only me, but also my family, and also others on my team. It has allowed all of us to leverage time freedom.

Time freedom to fit in the things we love instead of slaving away and watching our lives pass us by.

Money has given us financial freedom that has given us options and choices. Because we’re financially secure, we can spend more time doing the things we love with the people we love.

We’re also able to help others because of this time freedom.

When we went down and helped people after the hurricanes, for example. There is no way we would’ve had that time off work or the means to go and do those things if we weren’t in control of our time and money.

If we needed a few extra cases of water, we ran to the store and packed them into the truck. If we had to make another run and go back the following day, we made it happen. We had so much support from our community because of the connections we’ve made.

Even little things that pop up in life can make or break your day if you don’t have the time and money. A tire blows out on your car, you sprain your ankle, your kids are starting school and they need more school supplies and more clothes!! The list goes on and on.

That daily financial strain doesn’t allow you to be the wife and the mom and the woman and the person that you want to be.

Instead of looking at your kids and thinking hey, let’s go hang out with them today – you think, I can’t afford any of this!

We had so much stress before, a lot of bills and a lot of short tempers. That debt stress wears you down! It’s a major trigger for anxiety and depression.

When that stress is gone, you just have a better life.

I am so grateful for all the lessons we’ve learned and the opportunity to see things in a new light.

Think about your Why and push toward your goals. Financial freedom will get you where you want to go!

Financial Freedom = Time Freedom
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