Okay so we are all human – we make mistakes, we learn as we go and sometimes we need to listen to OURSELVES.

What do I mean? I am in the business of helping other people do business – encouraging and helping others to make tough decisions, follow up on leads and balance their work and personal life.

But sometimes even I don’t know what to say. Sometimes I choke up and freak out!

I tell people, Get out of your own head. Don’t overthink it.

This is the best advice I can give someone, because we can all have that same tendency.

Really I need to listen to myself! Because sometimes I think things over WAY too much!!

I need to take my OWN advice.

My husband and I went to Nashville and we were chatting with this couple and getting acquainted.

People always ask, “What’s that thing on your arm?” It’s always a great conversation starter and good way to break the ice.

So we were talking to them, took down their information and we planned to be in touch. Pretty routine, I thought they were nice and that was that.

This time was different though.

When I exchange information with someone in the hopes of doing business with them, I usually have to reach out to them several times before they even respond back to me.

But this guy literally texted me before we got home, and was like, “Hey thanks for chatting with us – I really want to know more. How can I get started?”

I was flabbergasted. I was just so thrown off because it was such a quick turnaround and I didn’t have to do anything!! He just reached out to me.

When I got his text I turned to Jason and was like, “Oh my gosh! What do I do?! What do I say?!”

Jason looks at me. “Umm, when can you talk to him?”

He couldn’t believe that I was asking HIM what to say. He asked me why I was freaking out all of a sudden.

“I don’t know! I didn’t have to do any work to get this guy to talk to me!”

It sounded ridiculous. There I was, my networking actually paying off and somebody actually wanting to talk to me – and I thought that was WEIRD.

I was stuck in my head with these expectations that I had built up – thinking that I had to bust my ass and beg people to call me back.

Jason pointed out to me that it just shows that everyone gets nervous: “Here you are this top leader, and you just got all anxious and didn’t know what to say. And you TEACH people what to say every day.”

This is so true. We ALL have those moments. We ALL overthink things. And sometimes we might think that we’re not good enough or we can’t have it easy or life is always going to be hard no matter what.

My life is like an I Love Lucy episode. There are things you just can’t make up 🙂

I need to remind my team of that. We are all human and we’re all just getting by on the grace of God.

Thank goodness I actually called the guy back and figured out what to say!