So, we all have that little voice in our head every now and again telling us that we aren’t enough. That we aren’t living up to our potential, that we aren’t doing as well as we should

And sometimes, we let it get the best of us.

How many times have we not done that thing that we really wanted, because we thought that it wouldn’t be good enough? That we wouldn’t be able to pull it off?

How many times have we neglected to take that leap of faith because we didn’t believe in our own capacity to achieve?

I know I’ve struggled with my own self doubt, my own struggle to believe that I am capable. I know how hard it is and how painful it can be. And I want to tell you, there is hope. You are completely capable. You are more than enough.

Here are some ways that we can pull ourselves up from the trenches of self doubt and into our own confidence and power.


Practicing self affirmations is such an important, healthy, and effective way to take care of yourself. When we repeat words about ourselves that are true, out loud, we welcome and celebrate those good qualities about ourselves. When we are intentional about recognizing our own power, we start to notice it in little ways we hadn’t before.

So how exactly should you practice affirmation? First, you need to come up with a phrase that speaks to some truth about yourself. It can affirm some quality about yourself, like affirming your joy or courage, or it can be more broad, like affirming the quality of your work, or that you are where you need to be. Personally, I usually find peace and reminders in scripture. Whatever it is, it should feel right to you. 

Then, figure out how you want to remind yourself about these things. You can post them on sticky notes and hang them around the house, or you can say them out loud to yourself in the mirror. Find a way of delivering your affirmations that speaks deeply to you.

Take good risks

Putting yourself out there is pretty scary. The thing about taking risks is that, well, it’s a risk. There’s always something at stake.

Now I’m not saying you should sell your house and travel the world (though, if you want to, you have the capacity to.) What I am saying is that taking small risks will help you to develop faith in yourself and in your ability to achieve things you didn’t know you could.

Think of something that you’ve been too afraid to try, but really wanted to do. And you know what? It’s okay to think small. It could be going to a conference you’ve always wanted to go to, it could be going to a concert by yourself, or it could be singing karaoke. Try something that will keep you active too, like a dance class or rock climbing lessons.

Sure, there are some little things at stake here, but when you take small, measurable risks, you’ll probably achieve them. As a matter of fact, I know you’ll achieve them. And when you do, you’ll feel that much more confident in yourself.

Reach out

Staying in your head and feeling isolated are huge killers of self confidence. When we get too wrapped up in our own thoughts, we focus on every little thing that could go wrong. We become consumed with what we think are our flaws.

So when you start to feel self-doubt, talk it out. Ask for help. Tell someone that you are feeling insecure. When we reach out, we’ll get the support we need. We’ll feel more connected, and we’ll be present in the real world, not just stuck in our own heads.

And when we reach out, we might get great words of advice or insight, too. Making and maintaining connections is a really important way to stay grounded and positive.

So when you’re feeling insecure, when you feel a wave of self-doubt coming on, remember, there are things you can do. Practice your affirmations, take healthy risks, and reach out to loved ones.

You are capable of great things. Don’t forget it.

How are you stepping out of self doubt and into confidence? Let me know in the comments!

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