Here it is almost the end of August and the summer is coming to end!

I’m thinking about how fast it’s gone by and how we’re already looking at school starting soon.

We have SO much going on, with parent meetings, planning out schedules, and I gotta go buy school supplies because the stores are already running out!!

What happened to summer?! We suddenly have so much on our plate and we’re running around, doing this and doing that. Anybody else feeling stressed out about school supplies?

It’s so important to slow down and take a breath!!

You might be thinking (like me), about how to fit in another vacation before school starts 😉

I was finally feeling like things were slowing down and we could start enjoying our summer and go here and do this, and now oh my gosh school is starting…

Summer needs to be longer.

Honestly, I think that’s the first time I’ve felt this way – maybe because we are traveling so much. Maybe also because we’ve changed so much as a family.  

I know before, I felt like the kids were driving me crazy and I couldn’t wait for school to start.

Now we are in a totally different place.

It’s been a little over a year since we’ve moved into our new house. Our new house has a pool, and more land. We are in a new community and the boys go to a new school. We’ve spent a lot more time together recently and grown a lot as a family.

This summer we decided we were just going to explore new places and try out new adventures.

We’ve been all over the place – Disneyworld, Toronto, Philadelphia, Nashville.

In July we went to Michigan to spend some time with some team members at their lake house.

And this week we just got back from Cabo!

We have fallen in love with Cabo over the years and this was the first time we took our kids with us – which we were really excited about!

We finally got to share this beautiful place with them and the boys had a blast! Dalton caught the biggest fish of everyone on their deep sea fishing adventure!!

The thing is, we weren’t just on vacation. My husband and I were also working – even on the marina. And the best part, our boys were there loving every second of it – one of them’s already convinced he’s going to be a promoter too!!

It’s funny, just about a couple months ago, I was watching Grant and Elena Cardone – and they talked about “vacations”.

They were on what anybody else would call a “vacation” for over a month – it was a beautiful island somewhere. People always say to them, “Oh you’re always on vacation.”

Their answer? “No, we’ve just relocated our office.”

I love that. What a beautiful office view!

Just the other day, Jason and I were chatting in a group text and he told the others, “Stop sending Amber pictures of your trips, she wants to vacation everywhere!”

No, I don’t want to vacation everywhere, I can work from anywhere – so I want to work from EVERYWHERE!

Why not, right?

Just think about it. You can build the life you want, and make your vacation your life.

It’s all about your mindset. How do you look at life?

Even when we’ve been dealt hard hands, it’s just another thing that we’ve gotta get through.

If we change our perspective, I believe anything is possible!

Peace out Cabo!! Here’s to the next amazing vacation – life 🙂