I’ve always had this urge to be better, to do better, to accomplish great things and see where my passion can lead me.

Back when I was an independent hairdresser, I absolutely loved what I did. I could make my own hours and spend time with my kids. I only worked three days a week so that I could be there for them.

Trust me, it was a long three days, but totally worth it.

My clients were amazing – I was in a great spot. I never thought I would leave the salon industry.

Well, I ended up being an independent brand promoter too. I was super excited about my own results with the product, and wanted to share it with others. I was also thrilled by the ability to provide for my family with financial freedom.

Between that and motocross with my boys, God was really leading me down a different path.

We thought long and hard about it, prayed about it – and in the end my life was heading in a different direction than I ever could have expected.

Now I feel like the sky’s the limit. Anything is possible.

If you love your career, where you’re at, and you love that, then that is fabulous.

I applaud you for living the life you love.

But so many people are stuck in a job where they can’t make their own schedule, they get treated like crap, they can’t make any headway and they’re just out of options.

Those are the people my husband and I can’t help but telling, “There is something else out there!” You have other options.

It’s going to take some work to live the life you love, but there is hope.

I’ve worked my butt off to get where I am.

I’m ready to fight and give it all that it takes because I have the drive, I have the passion, and I have the will to succeed!

Is this ringing any bells for y’all out there? Do you feel that hunger and that need for something more?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more. It’s not being selfish or greedy, it’s being ambitious, and true to yourself.

I know you’re different, because I am too.

Long ago, I made a leap of faith and tried out a new career, and have been so amazingly grateful and blessed by it ever since. Now I have the opportunity to keep growing. I can continue to learn and succeed in new ways than before. I’m opening all the doors y’all!

If you can think it, you can do it.

Embrace your passion, and follow it, because it will lead you to the top.

What’s stopping you? Take a step back and ask yourself what’s standing in your way.

Make a plan of action to tackle those obstacles.

Stay true to yourself.

When thinking about who you want to be and what you want to achieve, do a real good self-assessment and make sure you’re going after what you yourself want. Do your plans match with your own personal values and interests, or are they influenced by others?

Seek out help when you need it.

There are so few people who made it to the top alone. Reach out to your friends, family and acquaintances and keep your relationships strong. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The more people you involve, the more support, recognition and love you’ll feel when times get tough.

Work Hard.

There’s no way around it. You have got to put in the time and effort. That said, doing the same thing over and over again won’t necessarily work. You have to be deliberate in your actions, seek out feedback and always try to improve.  

Get Educated.

Give yourself the right tools to get where you want to go. If you’re trying to get ahead at work, maybe take some online business classes. Use the tools that you have, but also find a mentor or coach to take your dreams and make them a reality. Go beyond mediocre and become amazing!!

Keep track of your progress.

Now that you’ve made goals, you need to hold yourself accountable. At the end of each month, or however often, reflect on what you have accomplished and what you need to work on. Readjust your plan accordingly.

Also feel free to reach out and talk about your progress with me! Let’s be the best we can be 🙂