Oh my goodness! Tomorrow is the First Day back to school!

This mom is all of a sudden a little panicky! Summer is officially over.

This is that time of year where as a mom, I either retreat or go overboard. There’s so much pressure, certain outfits, name brands, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.

Reminds me of a piece I wrote last year, when they were starting at a whole new school!  

“You see, we have just moved into our new home in a new school district exactly one month ago! And honestly, I have been totally at peace about all of it! We have a nice property, it’s peaceful, we have AMAZING neighbors, and above all else, we know that God’s hand was ALL over it! So this last month has been amazing!

But now, the night before school, this mom is freaking out!

We have toured both schools, have all schedules, and everything is in place. However, all I can think about is them being the ‘new kid’.

We lived in our old house for 10 years! Our schools we came from were AMAZING and we felt God’s hand there in every situation. From Dalton’s dyslexia and anxiety to Carson’s GT and Speech needs.

Not to mention, Carson was EXTREMELY strong-willed the first several years of his life! Keller ISD has been home. Both boys know their student ID by heart. They didn’t know anything else other than where they have grown up.

Now we are learning new bus schedules as well as pick up stops. Signing up for lunch accounts is different as well. I know they will be fine, but all of a sudden I feel like the kindergarten mom all over again!

*Side note* Have you seen that video floating around? If not, you should watch it… Hilarious. That will be me tomorrow. For all of 5 minutes, I am sure!

If you couldn’t tell, I am not always good with change. I tend to freak out a little bit, or sometimes a lot. I tend to go overboard worrying about things that don’t necessarily matter.

But what God has done in our lives these last few years is truly change us. Bend us, mold us, break us. To His will. For His kingdom. And I know that everything is called according to His purpose.”

Are you feeling a little like me right now? A little unsure? A little scared? Freaked out? It’s okay.

Whether it’s your kids’ first day at a new school, or just the first day of a new grade, it’s gonna be okay.

Because what I do know is that there is peace in the power of prayer.

Philippians 4:6 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Let me just state that this verse is hard to swallow if you deal with anxiety. For me, I believe it asks me to take a breath, say that prayer, and ask God for help.

Ask Him to take over. Give Him the situation. And release it to Him.

That’s the hard part. As humans, we tend to like to remain in control. But what I really love about God is that He is in control, and when we give that control to Him, things tend to fall into place.

So tonight, I will release my anxieties and worries to Him. Tonight I will rest my head on my pillow, knowing that everything will be fine. My kids will be exactly where they are supposed to be.

And when they come home tomorrow, we will hear all about their day and their new friends, new classes, and new teachers.

Good night to all my mom friends that are lying awake wondering what this new year will bring for our kiddos!!

To those of you already asleep… More power to you! Goodnight and happy back to school everyone!!!