I was looking back through some old pieces of writing and came across this one:

As I sit here flying over these amazing clouds, I am admiring these Alex and Ani bracelets that my Michigan friends said I absolutely HAD to see and experience!

Of course I love accessories, so I said, “Why not?”

Each bracelet has a specific meaning, and I picked those that stood out to me.

The Cross for my faith, to signify that Christ died on the cross for me and my sins.

The fleur de lis signifies Renewal, Regality, and Faith (and did you know that the petals signify the Trinity?) “Completely Blessed”…well… Because I AM.

And the Anchor signifies Certainty, Grounding, & Trust. I AM certain that I AM right where I AM supposed to be. I AM grounded in my faith. And I AM trusting in what God has set in front of us.

We ARE set apart. We ARE called to live differently than others of this world. We ARE called to be IN this world, not OF it! And I AM living out His plan for me and my family daily!

Being one who used to stress on what others thought of me, this is HUGE growth and development for me. I know without a doubt that our Heavenly Father gets ALL glory for this!

Because this hot mess of a girl would NEVER have been able to overcome those doubts and fears without HIM! And for that I AM THANKFUL!

Talk about overcoming! My friends, God does not want us living in a place of doubt or fear. Faith in Him will help you overcome. Allow your faith to be bigger than your fears.

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. Isaiah 41:10

This warms my heart to remember that wonderful day and remember the confidence, love and strength I felt from those bracelets and from my faith in Him.

What’s your encouragement? What’s your saving grace?

I know how hard it can be to stay positive. Sometimes our fears stop us from reaching for our goals.

When we let our fear get the best of us, we end up missing out on new experiences and new opportunities because we were to afraid to try, or afraid to go for it.

And so what if you fail? Every mistake is one step closer to learning and growing into the best possible version of yourself.

Think about taking a few of these steps to overcome your fears:

  1. Start taking risks

If you’re not afraid of anything, it might be a sign that you need a bigger goal. Once I’ve accomplished something, I continue to make new goals and reach higher than before. If we don’t continue to push and do something new, scary or challenging, life might become dull.

That said, if you’re too scared to even get started, just start small. What is one thing you can do each day that scares you? Go out to dinner by yourself. Instead of being scared about going to the gym and not knowing what you’re doing, start off by buying a couple of free weights to try at home.

  1. Make Mistakes – On purpose!

So like I said, mistakes can lead to great success. Did you know that the famous Post-It Note was thanks to a “failed” glue that wasn’t quite sticky enough?

You’re probably thinking – I can’t fail, I can’t do it wrong, I can’t! That’s where the fear comes from – that inability to err. If you have the freedom to make mistakes and get it wrong, then life gets way easier and just becomes a series of life experiences – some that work out better than others.

Deliberately make mistakes. Just see what happens. You might be thrilled to see what you discover along the way!

  1. Curiosity did not kill the cat.

Think about what makes you afraid. Really delve deep and get curious about what is causing your fears. What triggers your fear? Where do you feel it? How do you react to it?

Knowledge is power, and when you know more about what makes you tick, you can be proactive in preventing those fears from paralyzing you.

  1. Reframe it with Gratitude.

This is a neat trick that helps you to be fearless and humble. Whenever you’re afraid, try to think about what you’re grateful for instead.

If you’re afraid of speaking in front of a crowd, be grateful for the opportunity to communicate with so many people, who genuinely want to listen to you. If you’re afraid of being honest with someone you love, be thankful for having such a wonderful person in your life who you care about.

  1. Breathe.

Sometimes fear can be physically overwhelming, and we have to combat it physically. Your breath can be so powerful. It can calm you and center you, and help you overcome your worst fears. Sometimes all you need is a fresh breath of air to clear your mind.

Give that focused breath even more purpose, and pray. Ask for guidance on how to start overcoming your specific fear. He is always listening.

And so am I! Part of the way I battle my own fears is by taking action for others. I help others find that encouragement and confidence that they need.

Let me know if you want to explore your fears together, and I’ll do everything in my power to lead and support you in your journey.